Widiz.com is the leading software when it comes to task management. It offers a plethora of tools that simplifies the way a business operates. We won’t try to convince you to use it with empty words. Instead of that, we will give you a rundown of almost everything that this software can do, and you will realize that you need it.

The management of tasks and projects

Task-ManagementThe primary goal of Widiz.com is to simplify the way a manager oversees and follows the progress of the active projects. It has a lot of tools that make this possible. We won’t be able to list all of them, but we can give you an idea of what to expect.The software allows you to create practical tasks that represent projects that are active. Those projects are shared among people who work on them, and their duty is to update them with the work they have done.

The manager can check on the projects and see the progress that has been made since it started. They can also create their workspace where they can post notes about changes that should happen to the projects in the future.

ProjectsReal-time tracking of the projects is also a thing that will help the manager. Due dates are clearly stated, and they can see how much time is left before the deadline. This feature works well with milestones, another feature that gives a slight boost to productivity. They can set benchmarks for every project which forces the workers to divide the labor and not to do everything at the last minute. This is an excellent thing because it reduces the possibility of breaching the deadline.

A boss like manager should always be able to give advice and their opinion on the project if they are familiar with it. Widiz.com simplifies the interaction between them and the employees through the introduction of the organized comment section on every task. The manager can comment on every project, and the employees will get a notification about that. They can also check how much time employees spent on the task and whether that falls within the timeline or there might be issues with breaching the deadline.

Simplified communication on the software platform

CommunicationThe software comes with excellent communication systems that include chat and notifications. The chat system contains channels that can be optimized to include either all of the people or just specific individuals. This allows the manager to create one big conversation where they can talk with their employees about general subjects and several other channels where can talk with teams that work on different projects. This makes it easy to track what every team member does and whether any problems might bring the deadline in question.